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Kids…. They must be happy always. Education, Manners, Soft Skills, Courage, Peace & Calmness…. They must be equipped with all weapons in the childhood. No child in this world should struggle for knowledge. It is the right of every child to get all these. VEROED strongly believes in this. As a part of our mission to accomplish this objective, we are starting our edtech journey with ‘Happy Souls’ – a highly effective personality development programme based on Bhagavad Gita, for little heroes. 

We Know How to Deal with Kids

A Little About Us

All of us are running along side time, and becoming nuclear families. Because of this, we have nobody in our lives to support us physically, even when it is completely necessary. Everyday, we take care of our loved ones, as well as  continuing with our daily routines. So, when kids cross the line, we realise how they have become. Whenever this occurs, we think about their values and then we reach the thought of ‘Is it how I am raising them?’ It’s a big dilemma. It is our job to teach our kids moral values for the sake of their wellbeing. If we ask them to behave, they will not listen. And after that we forget about it until the same situation occurs again. Only after looking in this point of view, VEROED was established. It was made especially for parents, who want their children to learn the great ways of Bhagavad Geetha, and learn to see the world in different ways. VEROED want to help all children understand their actions and how they may effect other people. To ensure that every child understands and wont regret listening to the spiritual ways of life, VEROED have turned the ancient scriptures into fun and engaging stories. 

Highly Qualified Professionals

Brains Behind

M.V.V. Srinivasa Rao

M.Com; LLM

Dr. K. Kishore Babu


CA. Ravi Kanth. D

B.Com, FCA

T. Sri Devi

M.Sc (Maths); B.Ed