Happy Souls

All 700 Slokas of Bhagavad Gita explained through 1,200 Real-Life Stories

Maha Bharata Included

Studio Recorded Videos (4K Quality)

Unlimited Views. Watch in Any Device & Any Time

Videos Uploading on every Wednesday & Friday

Quizzes Included (Not Compulsory)

Chanting of Slokas included

Why is it so Important for kids?

We are sending our kids to school, where they are learning only knowledge. Majority of the kids are lacking of wisdom, manners and respect. We can see many kids misbehaving with people. Some kids are taking wrong decisions about career and life. Some kids are even being addicted to drugs, especially youngsters. Majority of the kids do not have crystal clear opinions on many issues. They are forgetting the basic things like humanity, kindness, care, helping nature. They cant even decide which is right and which is wrong. Some teenagers are facing anxiety, depression and stress given by parents, schools, friends etc.

One & only solution for all these problems… is BHAGAVAD GITA. Happy Souls programme is designed to develop sensitiveness in the young hearts and transform them into real heroes in life by their age of 18.

Decision Making Skills

People Management

Problem Solving Skills

Stress Handling Skills

Emotional Intelligence

Steady Wisdom Skills

Peace & Calmness Skills

More Testimonials

I used to think that Bhagavad Gita is only for senior citizens. Now I understood that it is mainly for children. Thanks to Veroed. This is the best source for the all round development of a child.
Viraj K
Stories created by Veroed are really mind blowing. The way how they link the real life scenario to the slokas of Bhagavad Gita is really great. My son is now a fan of Veroed. Thanks a lot.
Manoj Tumati
Creating 1,200 stories is really very tough task. We can see their struggle to write the stories in the videos. And my son and daughter are really enjoying their videos. Thanks to all the staff of Veroed.
Vindhya Benarji
Dubai, uae